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Xeriscope Silver/White
Xeriscope Silver/White

Xeriscope Silver/White

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Our Xeriscope will be the most interesting watch in the room: Fully-exposed, mechanical movement IS the hour display Innovative time display with a unique double-sided minute Halo Hand Automatically recharges itself with the motion of your daily life: No batteries needed Power reserve meter Second timezone display Caseback crystal in an array of vibrant colors illuminating the exposed rotor as it generates power for the watch Watch is layered in panels of surgical grade stainless steel bolted together into one solid time machine for the wrist Bucks the trend of soon-to-be obsolete gadget watches that you could never pass on to future generations The Xeriscope is not high tech, it's High Mech.In more detail: A beating mechanical heart, the mainspring of the watch pumps life into this complex time machine. Seeing the action of the living machine on your wrist gives a thrill no electronic gadget can. Another rarity in timekeeping, the Xeriscope's double-sided minute hand with two-tier arc of digits. The Xeriscope deconstructs typical watch functionality with easy to read originality. Wearing and winding this timepiece generates energy seen in this power reserve meter. Much like the gas tank of your car. Need to know what time it is at home when traveling or if it's too late to call where your better half is, no problem, the second time zone can be set to any other location on the planet. The rotor (oscillating mass) that generates the power supply to the movement, seen from the porthole caseback viewing crystal. A design perfected with focus on style and legibility. There's nothing quite like a mechanical watch. The many parts of a machine all working in unison completely viewable from the front is a rare sight these days.

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