Halograph Tourbillon


What is a Tourbillon?

One of the most challenging things watchmakers faced when regulating a mechanical movement was the effects that gravity plays on the caliber or movement. Originally developed by famed watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1801. Breguet’s solution was to create an escapement that was constantly in a state of motion.

tourbillon exhibition caseback

Meticulously Handcrafted

Tourbillons are arguably one of the most difficult movements to make by hand. The escapement (hairspring, balance wheel, and pallet fork) is housed in a rotating cage that, because of the constant motion, averages out the effect of gravity when the watch is in different positions. They require a special set of tools and a lot of time to make. The tourbillon mechanism is tiny, weighing in at under a gram, and is usually crafted with more than 40 parts, typically finished by hand and made from lightweight metals like aluminum and titanium.

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Signature Time Display

The dial features our innovative hemicycle split display and halo hands which float over the arcs to encircle the time. The inner arcs display the hours and the outer arcs display the minutes. The time can easily be read through the two halo hands. As the halo reaches the end of its track, a new halo appears on the opposite side. 
halograph tourbillon lume shot

Swiss Super- LumiNova

Select models of the Halograph Tourbillon have luminous hands and dials for occasions when there’s an afterparty to the afterparty. It works like a light storage battery, where light charges the battery and afterward, the light is continuously emitted. This activation and subsequent light emission process can be repeated again and again, and the material does not suffer any aging. 

american horween leather

Premium American Leather

The straps are made using premium, full-grain leather from Horween, one of the oldest continuously running tanneries in the United States. It also has a built-in, quick release spring-bar system allowing you to swap out different straps for any occasion. 

hidden deployant Hublot clasp

Luxury Deployant Clasp

The clasp design is the same used on high-end luxury watches. Unlike basic deployant clasps, the Halograph Tourbillon clasp allows the end of the long strap to slide between your wrist and the underside of the short strap so no extra leather keepers are required. 

halograph tourbillon collectors case

Collector’s Edition

The Halograph Tourbillon is a collector’s edition and will be limited to only 99 pieces per colorway. Each watch will be individually numbered. We’re a microbrand so each and every customer is important to us. Your support allows us to explore new and unusual watch designs so thank you.