About Us

We officially launched in November 2013 with our first Kickstarter campaign for the Xeriscope, but our origin story really begins in 1998 when Mitch Greenblatt received his first watch (ever). He began collecting and blogging about unusual vintage watches and became an influential watch blogger and authority on the subject of modern horology. 

What began as an early eBay store reselling the watches he collected, quickly had to become official when in 1999 Vogue reached out and wanted to write about reselling these rare collectible pieces from the 60s and 70s. In order to write about him, they needed a brand to talk about, and that was the birth of Watchismo.com. In 2007, Mitch was approached by a revived French watch brand who wanted to break into the U.S. market with reissues of their most popular models from the 70s. To facilitate this distribution business, Mitch teamed up with his entrepreneurial brother Andrew who had already started and sold a few successful business ventures. Although the distribution business didn't pan out, the family partnership did and Watchismo e-commerce business took off.

After years of offering the most unique timepieces from around the world on Watchismo, Mitch & Andrew hired Danny in 2013 and together we created Xeric. We've since launched 20 successful Kickstarter campaigns including the most funded timepiece in Kickstarter history. We deconstruct the traditions of watch designs and push the boundaries of how to display time on a mechanical watch.

We truly have a dream team of the most talented people who have grown Xeric into a leading horological microbrand. We started out as watch collectors and it’s our passion to create unexpected timepieces. We're doing everything we can to make time fun again!